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Gift Ideas for People in New Relationships: Tips for the Tricky Topic of Giving Gifts to Someone Special

At the first birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s day with a new partner, it can be difficult to know what to do about gift giving. Some sort of present is obviously appropriate, but what to get? Following are some suggestions for gift giving for those in new relationships.

Gift Ideas for Those on a Tight Budget and Those in Very New Relationships

For people who have only been dating a few weeks, or for whom money is a serious concern, there are still ways to make a new boyfriend or girlfriend feel special without breaking the bank.

Is there a movie the person has always wanted to see? Or an old favorite that she’s mentioned not being able to find? Buying a movie and presenting the DVD with a bag of popcorn, and a box of her favorite candy, will win points for paying attention to what she says, as well as for being thoughtful and creative.

Taking the other person out to a special dinner can be romantic and not too pricey as long as the dinner is at a more casual restaurant. Cooking a nice dinner for the other person will also make a good impression and is usually a much appreciated thought.

Another idea is to consider the new partner’s job and lifestyle and come up with ideas to make life more comfortable and pleasant. Someone who works outdoors might enjoy a warm hat or new gloves. A person who loves animals and the outdoors might like having a horse riding lesson for couples arranged for her.

Many women like to get flowers, these are usually a very welcome gift. Men may enjoy a bottle of cologne, ask what his preference is, or casually check the medicine cabinet to see his preferred brand.

More Elaborate Gift Ideas for New Partners

For those who have been together a bit longer and those who have more money to spend, one idea is to book a romantic couples weekend away together. Just make sure the other person also feels that the relationship is ready for something like that, or it may be uncomfortable rather than romantic.

If the new boyfriend or girlfriend has mentioned wanting to learn something new, such as salsa dancing or cooking, signing up to take a series of classes together might be an exciting gift idea.

A new coat or sweater, if the intended recipient wears such things, can also be an appreciated gift for a special occasion, without being overly personal, if the gift giver doesn’t feel at that stage yet.

There are many ways to make a new partner feel special. The key is to not give generic gifts. Whatever the price, the most important part of gift giving is to let the other person know this gift was meant just for him or her, and that the gift was picked out with his or her preferences in mind.